Bell's Palsy; Day Seven

This is Sunday. I'm a Pastor. It's my job to preach. The left side of my face is a floppy nuscience. When I talk, the right side of my face has to pull the left side along and I still sound like the priest in "Princess Bride."
So I'm in a fortunate ministry situation where the leadership, after a small scramble, was able to find a replacement for me to preach this morning. Whew!
I was still responsible for our "Breaking Of Bread" early service. That service is oriented to the regular attenders and so they have lower 'presentation' expectations. So I thought it a good thing to get up in my full disability and speak about my weakness and Christ's strength (2Cor 12:9). It was hard to get through, physically. I actually had to wipe away drool from my slack lips a couple of times. I'm sure it was hard to watch. Yet a good point was made and I was happy to display my affliction in order to point people to Jesus.
After that, however, I was done. That whole thing, even though about ten minutes, was really exhausting. AND I'm not one who likes a lot of loving attention when I'm feeling badly. So Barb drove me home and I recuperated there.
Then I watched the Tigers game.

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