Bell's Palsy; Day Nine

Well the hope of last night has dissipated  I was kind-of hoping that I'd go to bed last night and wake up all better. Nope; didn't happen. Today was much like most of yesterday. No more tingling and no more twitching spasms. Though a friend told me that they had once experienced facial paralysis due to a migraine and they had experienced the spasmodic twitching before their recovery. So that seems to be a legitimate sign.
But. None today.
Huh. What happened? What was different yesterday that wasn't true today? Don't know - yet.
I have noticed that the area where I'm told the cranial nerve exits the skull is a bit tender which fits with the supposed underlying cause for Bell's Palsy being an inflammation of that nerve.
Got several Get Well cards in the mail today which was thoughtful and appreciated. OK; random thought: all the Get Well cards had glitter on them. I do not know what the linkage between the thought of "get well" and "sparkly" is.
Tonight, I had a meeting at church and the other guys let me shape the agenda so the bits that I needed to participate in were up front. That left me free to leave the meeting early. And I needed it: I was fatigued.

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