Nearby Miracles

I was thinking about the nature of miracles recently. And I'm not the first to consider this. I'm of a 'scientific' mind and understand how the world of things work. So when God works unexpectedly in creation nature (water to wine, stopping the sun in its apparent path, making dry land in a sea, healing of incurable disease, etc.), that's pretty impressive. Those are feats of God's work that are pretty rare and usually far off, however.

But I'm coming to be even more impressed with the miracles that are more accessible to us. The changes in human nature: a heart of pride turned to humility, relationships long dysfunctional brought to health, cold and calculating transmuted to sympathetic and sacrificial. These are things I get to see because the gospel of Jesus leads and invites us into those miracles. And they are very accessible: as close as our own soul.

In my experience, the authentic gospel of Jesus changes everything for the better.