Bell's Palsy; Day Eleven

Well, another pretty stable day.
Spent most of the day with the eye-patch off and experienced some spasms.
Went to my primary physician and he told me most of what I already knew. Interestingly, he's also had the condition so was sympathetic. I asked him about recovery and he said it could be a couple of months. But if it goes beyond six weeks, I should let him know.
As he has experienced the condition, he is up to speed on the science. He said that the core problem is nerve inflammation - that is why application of steroids is helpful. But the idea that said inflammation is caused by a virus is not conclusive. The condition is "idiopathic." OK, I am a Big Words person; what does idiopathic mean? He said it means that 'physicians don't have a clue.' Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiopathic . I appreciated his honesty.
I asked him about the spasms that I experienced Monday night and what that might mean for recovery. He told me it really doesn't mean anything. Analogously, the real 'proof of the pudding is in the eating:' my muscles will be more responsive to my commands. Recovery will be slow and (hopefully) steady: my smile will become more and more symmetrical, for example.
He reiterated my care: eye taped closed at night for as long as my eye will not fully close, use of lubricating eye drops, particular care for my teeth, etc.
So the whole theory about using the NSAIDs to reduce the nerve inflammation didn't get any traction with him. My experience of using Ibuprofen and then experiencing the spasms were serendipitous coincidence - not cause and effect. And, just to report here, after about 36 hours of use, I didn't experience any noticeable increase in supposedly helpful twitching.
Summary: Just have to ride it out and treat secondary symptoms.

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