Blogging Shift

It is a bit funny to me, once I realized what has happened.

When I was in school (seminary) I had the opportunity to interact with all these great ideas about the faith, how to live it out, how God tells us to live through the Bible, and all that.  Well, the way I used to ‘metabolize’ those things was to write them out in the blog. Writing the blog helped me to grapple with the issues and engage with the ideas a bit more.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the pastorate. Now that I’m in a full-time pastoral role, I don’t have the need to express all those ideas or write a blog to help me metabolize them. Nope, I’m getting lots of opportunities to put those ideas into practice right here on the job.

Then there’s just the raw time element. I haven’t yet structured my work week and days to carve out time to do blogging.

And, more significantly, there is the confidentiality thing. Some of what I could blog about are things that are happening in the church itself. But that presents some problems. Because even if I start telling stories that happened to me in lay ministry twenty years ago, somebody just might think I was writing about them here and now. I’m still trying to sort out how to make lessons I’ve learned public without unduly embarrassing somebody who was involved in my learning that lesson. As far as embarrassing myself, I’ve done that plenty of times before so that’s not a big issue. :-)

So for those few folks who follow my blog, please be patient with me as I figure out how to do this in the context of vocational ministry.


Eric said...

Is that why your wisdom and foolishness blog disappeared? I'm glad your figuring out the pastoral thing. I'll pray for God's wisdom for you.

emesselt said...

Ah - the W&F as actually only up a few minutes before I realized that I'd blown the sequencing. "W&F" will be up sometime next week.