1 Corinthians 13

Back In The Day, it became popular to paraphrase 1 Cor. 13. Such paraphrases are not just 'a dime a dozen,' but more like a dime a gross! Still, I came along the chapter in my devotional reading yesterday and my mind went to paraphrase mode. Here's what I came up with...
  1. If I exercise charismatic gifts but have not love, I have become an annoying ring-tone or a fire alarm buzzer
  2. If I have The Preaching Gift, and know my Systematic Theology thoroughly; and if I have the faith to change the most intransigent of Elder Board members, but do not love, I am Game Over
  3. And if I minister in an inner-city missio-community, and if I am a missionary to the most demanding and God-foresaken place on the planet, but do not have love, those are an utter waste of time
  4. Love keeps going, love is kind and doesn’t get tweaked when someone else gets the credit; love doesn’t entertain invitations to write ‘ministry success’ stories in Leadership, Outreach, or Rev!, and certainly doesn’t cop an attitude,
  5. Doesn’t get rude; it doesn’t welcome a pastor-centric ministry model, isn’t prickly, doesn’t keep score
  6. Does not gloat when someone from another movement gets trashed in the press, but rejoices in Jesus
  7. Is sacrificial in ministry, gives people the presumptive benefit of the doubt, is optimistic about the future, keeps doing ministry even when it is Really Hard
  8. Love doesn’t stumble; but if there are preaching gifts, they will be obsoleted; if there are charismatic gifts, they will be abandoned; if there is theology, it will be tossed
  9. Because we don’t have all the facts and we preach incompletely
  10. But when Jesus comes, all those gaps will be filled
  11. When I was a kid, I talked like a kid, I thought like a kid, had a child’s perspective; when I grew up, I wasn’t like that anymore
  12. Now we see in a pixilated manner, but then with our own eyes; now I have a limited perspective, but then I will see the whole thing just as I will be fully seen
  13. But now conviction, optimism, love, these things are always around; but the most important is love.

1 comment:

Eric said...

Not bad. Direct and easy to understand. "Pixilated" is a little heavy, but I relate.

People read 1 Cor 13 and get all misty eyed. I read it and get depressed as it once again shows me how big of an S.O.B. I am. Tough chapter.

Thanks for a new view.